Minor Bugs and Fixes

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has downloaded, played, and even recorded their reactions. All the videos are fantastic and really fun to watch! The support has been huge; I will absolutely finish this project and make it a full-length game. Thank you for playing!


  • Beginning tunnel has snow instead of rocks
  • Collider adjustments made throughout
  • Fixed coin objects
  • Grounded various floating objects
  • Max lights increased to prevent glitching
  • Swapped several plant models
  • Various spider cutscene fixes
  • Looping pathway adjustments
  • Floating mask appears ahead instead of from behind blind corner
  • Arrows on note pages are bigger and easier to read
  • Fixed several possible out of bounds areas
  • Added more time before the game closes

*Changes will propagate to the macOS build by Monday.


penumbra-win.zip 136 MB
Feb 10, 2019
penumbra-macosx.zip 142 MB
Feb 11, 2019


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